New Monthly Fees


Inspiration Taekwon-Do has been in operation since 2011 and the monthly fee has remained the same, unfortunately costs have not when you take into account the increased travel expenses, rents of the halls, fuel etc.

The monthly fee will have to be increased, I am very sorry for any hardship this may cause. The fee is being standardised across the board and there is no reduction for only training one day a week. The fee is for the student to be a member of Inspiration Taekwon-Do not a member of your local hall e.g. Delvin.  We have classes running Monday to Saturday and it is up to the student to avail of the classes. The timetable can be found HERE.

Please note the fee is for three standard classes a week and there will be no reduction in the event of classes in your local hall being cancelled due to illness bad weather or the instructor having to attend competitions, seminars etc.

The fee should be paid at the start of each month and should be put in an Envelope with the student’s full name. (Payment will not be accepted unless it is in an envelope with students full name)

We are looking into the possibility of setting up a direct debit, should you wish to avail of this service please contact Mr.C.

This price increase will come in to affect on the 1st of December 2016



The monthly fee

(Please note all classes are charged the same kubz and family)


One Student 33 € per Calendar month .

Two Students 60 € per Calendar month. (from the same family)

Three Students or more 80 € per Calendar month (from the same family )

Advanced training class eg. Collinstown Hall Thursday Night 3€.


Upcoming Events


upcoming events


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